Step into the world of AKUA

15 Apr Step into the world of AKUA

Since I got my start as an event designer, I have constantly wanted to surprise myself and design the kind of events that I would love to attend. For me it has always been about raising the bar.

If I were to identify my “big break” I must say it was 25 years ago, when I was given the opportunity to design an event for a group of very high profile people. I saw this as an opportunity to shine and exceed all expectations. I wanted to challenge myself and develop something I had never done before. The event was a success.  This experience taught me that you can’t be afraid to take risks and dream big.

There is no such thing as a small event. It is always an opportunity to turn even the simplest celebration into an unforgettable experience. It brings me great joy and satisfaction to know that I make people happy by doing what I love.

As a creative company we love designing unique events. We don’t like to say no when it comes to our clients requests. That is why we have a dedicated group of craftsmen that create customized pieces. With so many years in the industry we pride ourselves in taking care of all the elements that form an event. We execute floral design, selection of furniture, fabric and linen design, table distribution, logistics of delivery, setup and pickup, staging, props, and the perfect lighting design that will add that flawless finishing touch.

AKUA has everything you need in one place and that can add a lot of relief to the planning process. Our one stop shop concept was reinforced when we merged forces with The Lounge, a company dedicated to renting furniture for all types of events. The furniture is both stylish and timeless. Together we make an impeccable team, perfectly combining practicality, efficiency and creativity.

This is a great moment for us. Our hard work, dedication and creativity has paid off. We have achieved global recognition and we are extremely proud to have people follow and admire our work.

To all of our followers and admirers, we would like to welcome you to our BLOG. It will give you a behind the scenes feel of AKUA. We will feature inspirations, events, do it yourself projects and much more. We welcome your feedback, and will attempt to answer your questions and consider your requests. We want to give back, and share with you what AKUA is made of.



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