About us

Rafa y Javier

Javier Martínez

President /Art Director

With more than 25 years in the design and floral business, Javier Martínez has an impeccable taste that exudes elegance and beauty. He can transform the client’s vision into a reality, always taking into consideration each person’s style. His passion for event design and floral creations is what has led him to achieve genuine leadership and respect within the industry.

Rafael López

With an eye for perfection and detail, thanks to his background in accounting, Rafael López brings innovation and attention to detail to the business.
His passion for furniture and design makes him and expert in executing the client’s vision.

Together they make an impeccable team, perfectly combining practicality, efficiency and creativity.

AKUA is recognized internationally, earning inclusion in event design in the Caribbean, United States and Europe.

AKUA’S commitment to high end design and quality will provide you with a one of a kind unforgettable event.